complex markets

Market rules are changing rapidly

Digitalization is only one aspect of the rapidly changing business landscape. Companies need to adapt even faster than they anticipated. Market dynamics are constantly changing and the focus of value-creation has shifted from sales to after-sales. Companies are looking to build long term relationships with their clients via digital services and cloud enabled IoT applications.

Asian companies are forcing Japanese, German and U.S. companies to rethink data integration and engineering processes. Challenges in coding as well as language and culture will arise, which can be mastered by establishing a close network across the countries.

It needs players who not only understand the markets inside out, but are also able to act fast, are fully committed and master the latest digital technology.
This is why we believe in lean structures and a flexible and digitally fluent workforce. We don’t just understand these markets, we are part of them and know their drivers.

In 2019, Free Trade Agreements were enacted, making the axis of Germany–Japan–USA one of the strongest in the world! These agreements reinforced the shared standards on the exchange of good, environment, as well as digital data integration.

  • At the forefront of Digital Integration
  • Taking opportunity of large data-sets
  • Large market for all sorts of production machinery due to the recent trend of reshoring
JADEA's office is in San Diego, home to aviation, naval and IT companies as well as one of the largest incubators in the biotech sector. It is also in close proximity to LA client headquarters.
  • Home to some of the most renown brands in the B2B sector
  • Skill-set to build among the most complex machinery in the world, taking advantage of its great engineering history
  • Situated in the center of one of the largest trade blocks in the world, giving it a lead in expanding its business
The German office of JADEA is in Berlin, at the heart of the thriving start-up scene, close to all major government ministeries, with fast connections to engineering companies and the automotive industry.
  • Unique mix of engineering and service capabilities. Currently in a dynamic transition.
  • Reshoring of production is key to regain strength on the global market
  • Software as a service has been one of the strongest growth sectors in Japan in 2019
JADEA's Tokyo office is at the heart of the business world in Chiyoda-ku, Sanbancho.
The U.S. and Germany enjoy very solid ties in the SME sector
Japan and U.S. share common standards on data exchange due to their Free trade Agreement in 2019

We are experts in building, boosting & recovering business

As experts, we help SMEs, especially family owned businesses, to expand their international reach and networks. We understand entrepreneurial challenges and have helped our clients manage sectoral booms as well as crises. We share their values and commitment and believe in a long-term approach.

Being experts in our respective fields of engineering and private equity we come with a strong track record of buying, building and even recovering businesses . The three countries Japan, USA and Germany are very close to the heart of our trilingual staff. Our founder comes from an entrepreneurial background himself. Not only is a hands-on and can-do attitude in his DNA, he also has a profound knowledge and operating insight in large-scale business operations.

We specialize in three markets and a limited range of industries.

We see our role as enablers and base our actions on a profound analysis and understanding of the respective business and its market. Hence, we don’t set up businesses and then leave. Our philosophy is: Analyze. Build. Coach.



  • Market analysis
  • feasability studies includig overview of local market requirements


  • Support at contracting and risk-management
  • development of financial strategy
  • supervision of logistics
  • full digital integration


  • Management and back-office service
  • development of after-sales and services
  • support in recruitment and knowledge transfer

The times of closed independent markets are over.

In current markets, it is most important to align a company with its respective market, connect to its HQ, and provide control and service.

At the heart of the market for you 24/7

Our team of senior partners will be at your service 24/7, covering all three markets. With offices in the hearts of our three focus countries, a close vicinity to cutting-edge research as well as political circles, we are ideally situated and fully motivated to open up these complex markets for and with you.

Dr. Dirk Neumann, founder of JADEA, recieved a scholarship by the Japanese government and wrote his Ph.D. thesis about Hybrid Engine Designs. He then joined the Private Equity company of Odewald & Compagnie, with technical strategy being the main focus of his work, before setting up his own business.

Office locations

  • Tokyo
    JADEA K.K.
    Sanbancho KS Bldg. 5F
    2-4 Sanbancho
    Tokyo 102-0075
  • Berlin
    Rosenstraße 2
    10178 Berlin
    +49 30 243 102 500
  • San Diego
    18110 Avenida Cenit
    CA 92067 Rancho Santa Fe
    +1 858 771 1216

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